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Available Piano Colours
Examples of various colours

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Piano Colours


Below you can find just a few examples of the various colours available, here at Paregal you can have what you want not just Black or Black!
Just choose a Piano (Any Piano Traditional or Japanese) send us a colour sample and we will do the rest scroll down to view some examples.

Black Satin

Black satin piano

Grey Satin

Grey Satin piano

White Satin

White satin piano

Ivory Satin

Ivory satin Yamaha

Cream Satin

Cream Yamaha Piano

Yellow Satin Various shades available

Canary Yellow Yamaha U1 Piano

Pink Satin Various shades available

Pink Yamaha

Green Satin Various shades available

Green Yamaha Piano

Blue Satin Various shades available

Blue Yamaha Piano


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Coloured pianos
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Piano colours