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Acoustic Pianos

The Acoustic Piano produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers that rebound allowing the strings to continue vibrating at their individual resonant frequency. These vibrations are transmitted through to a soundboard, which amplifies each of the notes. Although not portable and often expensive, the acoustic pianos feel and sound is still superior to ANY digital piano.
Click Here to see our range of acoustic pianos.


Straightstrung Pianos

The Straightstrung Overdamper Piano generally are smaller and cheaper than overstrung pianos. With vertical strings & dampers above the hammers, ourselves and most other piano dealers dont buy or supply these pianos.


Overstrung Pianos (This is what your Piano Teacher will Recommend)

The Overstrung Underdamper Piano, all new pianos made today are overstrung (base strings cross over the treble strings) & underdamped (the dampers are under the hammers as opposed to a overdamper where the dampers sit above the hammers), these are superior when compared to a overdamped piano stopping each note almost instantly, depending on the individual piano these are suitable for beginners to accomplished pianists.

Depending on the make, model, and quality of these pianos, prices start from £1250.00 for a restored & re-polished overstrung upright or £25.00 per month on a 12mth rental contract.


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