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Paregal Pianos always aim to give value for money without compromise in quality. Established in Restoration
& Polishing of all types of Pianos for dealers (local & overseas), with over three decades of experience, our
in depth knowledge of both the Instruments & the Woods used, places us in a particularly unique position
within the Piano & Polishing trade. A position we strive to maintain with both integrity & craftsmanship.

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Paregal Pianos
Located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, approximately 20 minutes from Leeds city centre, we deal in all types of Pianos, we offer low cost piano rentals and should you wish to purchase at a later date, we deduct all Rental payments upto *12 months maximum* for Acoustic pianos. We have second hand modern uprights & restored period Pianos for sale if you prefer the traditional look. Used Pianos by Yamaha, Knight, Broadwood, Rogers & Challen etc..

Looking For a Piano to Buy
A quality new piano will be almost as good and just as up to date in 10 years time as it is today, based on normal one hour's use per day. After 20 years it will need light adjustment by a qualified tuner. In 40 years it will probably need reconditioning. During all this time it is highly unlikely to go wrong at all. Older pianos sometimes carried lifetime guarantees. Therefore the number of used pianos for sale far outweighs the number of quality new pianos.

How to choose a good piano
Only a small percentage of new Pianos for sale today are well made, especially when looking at the cheaper ranges. Many new upright pianos from the Far East which sell for under £2200 are in our opinion of poor quality, having uneven tone, action & tuning problems after a few years. We recommend finding a good second hand one or buying a top reconditioned one from the 1920s or 30s. A good restored piano from the early 1900s is likely to be much better than a cheaper new one. Also modern pianos for sale dating from about 1960 to 1980 are generally better quality than equivalent new ones made today.

A Piano's Touch & Tone
Touch is to some extent a matter of personal preference, but Pianos with too heavy a touch can be difficult to play expressively. On the other hand, pianos with too light a touch aren't very good for serious beginners as they will not develop sufficient finger strength. New pianos tend to be on the heavy side with a brighter tone, while Traditional pianos generally have a lighter touch and more mellow tone.

Upright & Grand Prices
You can Buy a good restored used upright traditional or modern from around £950.00, an equivalent New Piano will cost £3000.00+. Second hand Restored Baby Grands for sale start from £1550.00 and reconditioned Used Grand Pianos from £3250.00. Selection of Quality Used pianos for sale in the UK, Yamaha, Bechstein, Knight, Kawai, Welmar, Bluthner, Steinway, Challen, Kemble and Rogers.

  For all enquiries contact Paul on
Phone: 07500 311 491
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