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Piano Covers


Upright Piano Covers for Sale from: £145.00.

Piano covers for small modern and traditional style uprights.

Small modern cover.

Upright Piano Covers

When choosing a piano cover, the important measurement is the height. The height determines the rest of the measurements. We supply 3 sizes of padded piano cover that suit 99% of the upright piano's on the market

  • Small Uprights 110cm - 117cm
    in height.
  • Medium Uprights 117cm - 126cm
    in height
  • Large Uprights 126cm - 133cm
    in height

Colour: Black
Finish: Padded Vinyl
Price: £145.00 small
Price: £165.00 Medium
Price: £180.00 Large



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Phone: 01924 387 600
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