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Piano rental & hire purchase information
Rent or Buy a Piano from as little as £25.00 a Month

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Piano rental & Hire Purchase information


Here at Paregal Pianos we specialize in renting pianos for beginners to accomplished pianists, the majority of our used instruments are supplied with no deposit, a piano
stool and depending on where you are in the country there is a small ground floor delivery charge of £50 - £75.00 for Uprights and £75 - £100.00 for Grands.
All you pay in advance is your first months rent + a one off £25.00 administration fee and the delivery charge.

Piano Rental

All Rental Pianos are on a Minimum 12 month RENTAL contract payable by standing order.
Every piano comes with a piano stool, one tuning a year and full maintenance.

Piano Rental Purchase

The Majority of our Pianos are available to buy on a 12-36 Month HIRE PURCHASE contract at 0% interest.
All our pianos come with a piano stool and a minimum of two years parts & labour warranty.

Buying a Piano or Upgrading after Renting

You can buy a Piano after renting or upgrade to a different Upright or Grand Piano after your initial Rental Contract (12 months).
If you contact us after this period we will then deduct up to 12 months for Acoustics (Max) rental payments that have been
made from the sale price of your choice of Piano, then the balance remaining will be either payable in full or you can go on a Hire Purchase
of 12 to 36 months depending on the balance remaining or difference in price of your newly chosen instrument.

If you rent a piano over 12 months (acoustic) and decide you would like to buy a Piano, we will still only deduct
the first 12 months for Acoustics rental payments off the Piano purchase prices.

!Digital Pianos are not available on Hire purchase!

If you change or Upgrade your piano the cost of the delivery of your new piano will be £50 - £75.00 for Uprights and £75 - £100.00 for Grands depending on distance.

Click Here for Our currently available Rental & Hire Purchase Pianos

Advantage of Renting a Piano before buying.

The advantage of Renting a Piano is that it allows you to rent / lease a good quality instrument for a small monthly payment without a big initial outlay. This means that you are able to try out a piano before committing to purchasing a Piano either in full or on a Hire Purchase Contract. You can rent a piano for as long as you wish, and you can buy a piano at any time keeping upto a Maximum of 12 rental payments paid towards the cost of your chosen piano. If your piano needs any repairs whilst on a Rental Contract, a technician will come out to fix the problem with no charge, When you buy a Piano either in full or on a Hire Purchase contract you will get one free tuning and a full Parts & Labour Warranty.

We Specialize in Renting Pianos Nationwide

Pianos for Rental or Hire Purchase over 12 to 48 months (interest free). New, Used, Second hand, Modern, Traditional, Uprights, Grands & Baby Grands.
No deposit on the majority of our rental pianos, available nationwide including: london, essex, harrogate, devon, cheshire, derby, peak district, salford, slough, bradford, leeds,
manchester, liverpool, edinburgh, glasgow, bristol, cardiff, lincoln, leicester, newcastle, swansea, wakefield, sheffield, barnsley, brighton, oxford, colchester, york, england,
scotland, wales, uk, united kingdom, birmingham, halifax, huddersfield, west, north, east, south, yorkshire, norfolk, derbyshire, lincolnshire, midlands.

Rent a Piano from as little as £25 per month with No Deposit.

Piano rental in the north, west, east & south of Mainland UK.

  For all enquiries contact Mark or Paul on
Office: 01924 387 600
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